[Solved] : Question 100180

Create a webpage that has an image that opens a page with the Wikipedia website when clicked.

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[Solved] : Question 100243

Do Exercise 6.4 from your textbook using recursion and the is_divisible function from Section 6.4. Your program may assume that both arguments to is_power are positive integers. Note that the only positive integer that is a power of “1” is “1” itself.

After writing your is_power function, include the following test cases in your script to exercise the function and print the results:

print(“is_power(10, 2) returns: “, is_power(10, 2))
print(“is_power(27, 3) returns: “, is_power(27, 3))
print(“is_power(1, 1) returns: “, is_power(1, 1))
print(“is_power(10, 1) returns: “, is_power(10, 1))
print(“is_power(3, 3) returns: “, is_power(3, 3)

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[Solved] : Question 100130

6.Create a class Fact. Each Fact has an integer ID. Ever Fact also has a list of Fact pointers. Ask the user for an integer N which is the number of Facts to be generated. After all of them are generated and added to a list, go back through and add a random number 0 to 5 Fact pointers to EACH of them. This creates a rather complex mesh of Facts. Display your mesh, then choose one of them at random and display all reachable facts. Do not report loops. For example

If the user enters N = 8

And the following Facts are created randomly:
#1 -> 2, 5
#2 -> none
#3 -> 4, 5, 7
#4 ->3, 6
#5 ->7
#6 ->1
#7 ->2

#4 is chosen the result would be
#4 ->3, 6, 5, 7, 1, 2

4 connects to 3 and 6
3 connects to 4 , 5, 7
6 connects to 1
5 connects to 7
7 connects to 2
1 connects to 2, 5
2 connects to none

#1 is chosen
The result would be
#1 ->2, 5, 7

1 connects to 2, 5
5 connects to 7
7 connects to 2

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[Solved] : Question 100179

Create a web page that has two paragraphs. One of the paragraphs should be aligned to the center and have red text. The other paragraph should be aligned to the right and be in italics.

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[Solved] : Question 100264

Create your own example of each possibility in Python code. List the code for each example, along with sample output from trying to run it.

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[Solved] : Question 100010

Enter side A: 11
Enter side B: 2
Enter side C: 4
Enter side D: 7
Enter side E: 1

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[Solved] : Question 100206

Compute the acceleration of gravity for a given distance from the earth’s center, distCenter, assigning the result to accelGravity. The expression for the acceleration of gravity is: (G * M) / (d2), where G is the gravitational constant 6.673 x 10-11, M is the mass of the earth 5.98 x 1024 (in kg) and d is the distance in meters from the earth’s center (stored in variable distCenter).

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[Solved] : Question 10014

Write a program to convert temperature in Fahrenheit to temperature in Celsius
and vice versa according to the user’s preference. The formula for the conversion in one
direction is as follows:
Tc = (5/9) * (Tf – 32)
Check the correctness and allowed scope of the entered data.
Let the user enter data from a file and write the conversion next to the initial value. For
example, if the user needs to convert F to C, create a file named FtoC.txt with random
Fahrenheit values. Read the file from your program and write next to each F value the C
conversion. Do this for CtoF as well.

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[Solved] : Question 100178

Create a web page that has two paragraphs of text. Label each paragraph of text with a header.

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[Solved] : Question 100347

Write c++ expression for the following algebraic expressions
Y= 4n(4-3)y+7

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