A local public library needs a program to calculate the overdue

A local public library needs a program to calculate the overdue fines owed by its patrons. The library needs the clerk to enter the full name and age of the patron. The clerk also needs to enter the name and the number of days overdue for the item. (The library accounts for full days overdue and not partial days overdue.) The library wants the clerk to be presented with a menu from which the type of material overdue can be chosen. The menu should look as follows: 1.      Book 2.      Magazine 3.      DVD Books that are overdue are assessed a fine of 50 cents per day. Magazines are assessed a fine of 25 cents per day. DVDs are assessed a fine of $1.50 a day. Senior Citizens (over the age of 70) do not pay fines. Juvenile patrons (ages 6 through 17) pay a maximum fine of $1.00. There is a maximum fine assessed of $5.00 for all other patrons. Once the fine has been calculated all information about the patron and the overdue material should be printed to the screen. Here is an example of the report that should be output: Name                                                Mickey Mouse Age                                                   22 Item Name                                        Fantasia Item Type                                         DVD Number of Days Overdue                2 Overdue Fine                                    $3.00 Each time the program is executed it calculates the fine for a single patron.

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