[Solved] : Question 100069

Invent your own function that does some useful computation of your choosing. Do not copy the
function from somewhere else. Use incremental development, and record each stage of the
development process as you go. Finally, print output that demonstrates that the function works as
you intended.
Include all of the following in your Learning Journal:
An explanation of each stage of development, including code and any test input and output.
The output of three calls to your function with diàerent arguments.

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[Solved] : Question 100129

3.Create a class node that contains a random value -50<x<50, Create a 2-d array (size m, n entered by the user ) of these random nodes find the internal square with the largest sum of values within it. For example if the user enters m = 4, and n=3 and values are generated it might look like this

-2 5-2211

You might think the maximum sub-matrix would be
335 sum =26

But it is actually
12 sum =31 you need to check all possible rectangles, this is a 2d version of
the greatest common substring problem.

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[Solved] : Question 100264

Create your own example of each possibility in Python code. List the code for each example, along with sample output from trying to run it.

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[Solved] : Question 100206

Compute the acceleration of gravity for a given distance from the earth’s center, distCenter, assigning the result to accelGravity. The expression for the acceleration of gravity is: (G * M) / (d2), where G is the gravitational constant 6.673 x 10-11, M is the mass of the earth 5.98 x 1024 (in kg) and d is the distance in meters from the earth’s center (stored in variable distCenter).

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[Solved] : Question 100056

Create your own animation. At a minimum, it should have two circles and three lines in it.

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[Solved] : Question 100010

Enter side A: 11
Enter side B: 2
Enter side C: 4
Enter side D: 7
Enter side E: 1

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[Solved] : Question 100114

Write a Java program to create a two-dimension array (m x m) A[][] such that A[i][j] is true if i and j are prime and have no common factors, otherwise A[i][j] becomes false.

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[Solved] : Question 100243

Do Exercise 6.4 from your textbook using recursion and the is_divisible function from Section 6.4. Your program may assume that both arguments to is_power are positive integers. Note that the only positive integer that is a power of “1” is “1” itself.

After writing your is_power function, include the following test cases in your script to exercise the function and print the results:

print(“is_power(10, 2) returns: “, is_power(10, 2))
print(“is_power(27, 3) returns: “, is_power(27, 3))
print(“is_power(1, 1) returns: “, is_power(1, 1))
print(“is_power(10, 1) returns: “, is_power(10, 1))
print(“is_power(3, 3) returns: “, is_power(3, 3)

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[Solved] : Question 100454

Give an example graph in which Dijkstra’s algorithm gives the wrong answer in the presence of a negative cost edge but no negative-cost cycle

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[Solved] : Question 100105

A mother has children of varying ages in need of t-shirts. The mother has to distribute t-shirts with the following requirements:

Each child should get at least one t-shirt.
A child with an age higher than adjacent children should get more t-shirts than them.
How should the mother distribute such that total number of t-shirts is minimized?

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