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4.8 LAB: News article (CSS)
Create an external stylesheet so the provided HTML producesthe following web page:
Example rattlesnake web page screenshot
Add CSS rules to styles.css for the given news article webpage that matches the following styling:
Both article’s images styled with a width of 300pxArticle’s <h1> tag styled with:5px padding all aroundFont family of ArialFont size of 24pxFont color of whiteBackground color of redSelecting the id of author-name-and-date, style the authorname and date with:Font family of ArialFont size of 12pxFont color of lightgrayArticle’s text (<p> and <ol> tags) styledwith:Font family of Times New RomanFont size of 16pxFont color of grayArticle’s share links (<a> tags) styled with:Font family of ArialFont size of 12pxFont color of blueNote: Colors, font sizes, padding, etc. must be exact.

****Here is the HTML Code ****<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><link href=”styles.css” rel=”stylesheet”><title>5 Things to Know About Rattlesnakes and TheirBabies</title></head><body><imgsrc=”http://www.arizona.edu/sites/default/files/UA_horiz_rgb_webheader_0.png”>
<h1>5 Things to Know About Rattlesnakes and TheirBabies</h1>
<p id=”author-name-and-date”>UA College of Pharmacy |Aug. 6, 2014</p>
<p>Arguably, snake season is year-round in Arizona, astate known for its rattlers. But baby rattlesnakes are born inJuly and August, making these two months especially dangerous forhikers, gardeners, children and others at high risk of exposure torattlesnake bites.</p>
<p>So far this year, 74 rattlesnake bites to humans havebeen reported to the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center.Based at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, the centerserves the entire state of Arizona with the exception of MaricopaCounty, providing free and confidential poison and medicationinformation to callers around the clock.</p>
<p>Specialists answering the phones at the centerregularly receive calls from Arizonans of all ages who don’trealize they were bitten by a rattler. The poison center urgesanyone who feels a mysterious sting, pinch or bite while outdoorsto immediately call the center at 800-222-1222.</p>
<p>”We will ask a few questions that will help youeither identify possible snakebite or eliminate it,” said KeithBoesen, director of the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center.”With snakebite, the sooner the medical treatment, the better theoutcome, so calling us right away can make a very big differencefor the victims and the medical teams treatingthem.”</p>
<p>The center advises anyone who might come cross pathswith rattlesnakes to be aware of these five things:</p>
<ol><li>Baby rattlesnakes range in length from 6 to 12inches and are easily camouflaged by brush andgrass.</li><li>Baby rattlesnakes are rattleless until they firstshed their skins, so there will be no infamous “chica-chica” soundbefore they strike.</li><li>Despite their impish size, baby snakes have enoughvenom to be very dangerous if they bite a human.</li><li>Adult rattlesnakes do not always rattle an audiblewarning before or while they are biting.</li><li>It’s a good idea to call the poison center if younotice an unidentified small cut or wound, even if you feel nopain. With the lack of telltale rattle warning, people can bebitten without knowing what has happened until they notice theirsymptoms and attribute them to a snakebite.</li></ol>
<p>Share: <ahref=”https://twitter.com/”>Twitter</a> <ahref=”https://www.facebook.com/”>Facebook</a> <ahref=”https://www.linkedin.com/”>LinkedIn</a></p></body></html>

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