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Design a program for the Café Noir Coffee Shop to provide somecustomer market research data. When a customer places an order, aclerk asks for the customer’s zip code and age. The clerk entersthat data as well as the number of items the customer orders. Theprogram operates continuously until the clerk enters a 0 for zipcode at the end of the day. When the clerk enters an invalid zipcode (more than 5 digits) or an invalid age (defined as less than10 or more than 110), the program reprompts the clerk continuously.When the clerk enters fewer than 1 or more than 12 items, theprogram reprompts the clerk two more times. If the clerk enters ahigh value on the third attempt, the program accepts the highvalue, but if the clerk enters a negative value on the thirdattempt, an error message is displayed and the order is notcounted. At the end of the program, display a count of the numberof items ordered by customers from the same zip code as the coffeeshop (54984), and a count from other zip codes. Also display theaverage customer age as well as counts of the number of itemsordered by customers under 30 and by customers 30 and older.(Please do in python)


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