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Purpose: Use the Hashtable Data Structure Create a DynamicArray(specification described below) and using your Doubly-Linked listto create a Hashtable. The Hashtable is a DynamicArray ofLinkedLists. The LinkedLists handle the collisions. Read theCustomer.csv data file and store it in a ADT. For example: classCustomer string lastname string firstname string id Sample Data:perez,diana,86824983-3587182 oxford,greg,49451687-6884854smith,tsung,34722447-9802850 Place each ADT data object into theHashtable structure using your choice of 3 of the hashingtechniques listed in chapter 5. I recommend coding a HashingFunction based on the Customer-id, but you could also use eitherthe first of last name fields. Programmatically determine which ofthe 3 hashing techniques yields the fewest collisions.Specification for Dynamic Array: 1. Create a generic structure thatcan hold any type of data 2. Create a Container that allocatesblocks of data in units of 10 3. Using the Customer.csv file data:a. Read in the Customer.csv data file and store each line in CreditCard object b. Insert each Customer object into the container’sblock c. When the number of Customer objects exceed the container’sblock size, allocate a new block to double the size of the existingblock and copy the data from the old block to the new block. 4.Implement the INSERT and RESIZE functions for your DynamicArray.

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