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Do Exercise 6.4 from your textbook using recursion and the is_divisible function from Section 6.4. Your program may assume that both arguments to is_power are positive integers. Note that the only positive integer that is a power of “1” is “1” itself.

After writing your is_power function, include the following test cases in your script to exercise the function and print the results:

print(“is_power(10, 2) returns: “, is_power(10, 2))
print(“is_power(27, 3) returns: “, is_power(27, 3))
print(“is_power(1, 1) returns: “, is_power(1, 1))
print(“is_power(10, 1) returns: “, is_power(10, 1))
print(“is_power(3, 3) returns: “, is_power(3, 3)

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