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Create a class named ‘Member’ having the following members:
Data members
1 – Name
2 – Age3 – Phone number
4 – City5 – Salary
,Two classes ‘Employee’ and ‘Manager’ inherits the ‘Member’ class. The ‘Employee’ and ‘Manager’ classes have data members ‘specialization’ and ‘department’ respectively. Now,
(a)- Assign name, age, phone number, city and salary to an employee and a manager by making an object of both of these classes and print the same.
(b)- Add a method to the above class, searchBySpecialization(), which inputs the Specialization from user and print all the Employees with the entered specialization
(c)- Add another method to the above class searchBySalary(), which inputs the two Values of the Salary Minimum and Maximum and then show all the Employees with Salary in the entered range of the Salary and with Age <50.
Write neat and clean Java Code with Classes, Obejcts, Constructors and Overloaded Methods

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Answer to : Question 123967

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