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AziTech is one of the leading Manufacturers of modern computing systems and
equipment designedfor smarthomes inIoTbasedenvironment.Intheirrecentdesignof
SmartController forstateoftheartsmarthomes, theyareconsideringanovelCPUwith
4-bitdatabus,memorymodule and I/O interface .ThenovelCPUisrequiredtohaveall
the functional units of a conventional microprocessor. However, the design of the
ArithmeticUnitoftheALUrequires a special 4-bitcomputation unitcalledAUDiff,which
wouldbeusedtopractically processallSubtractionoperationusingsimpleaddition [E.g
2-1 ->2 +(-1)].

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Answer to : Question 123968

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