[Solved] : Question 124400

1.Insert {1, 2, 5, 10, 17, 25, 36, 49} into empty hash table with Table Size = 16 using
a.Linear Probing
b.Quadratic Probing
2.If the nested parenthesis representation of a tree is as follows, (A (B (E, F (J, K ) ), C ( G ( L ) ), D ( H, I ( M ) ) ) ) then
a.what is the graphical representation of the tree?
b.determine the height of the tree
c.what is the degree of the tree?
d.what is the maximum number of nodes at the level 2?
e.what is the maximum number of nodes the tree can hold?
f.Draw the array representation of the tree
g.Give the preorder representation of the tree
3.a.Differentiate between program and algorithm
i.Write the algorithm for searching unsorted linked list
ii.What is the running time of this algorithm (the algorithm in i above)?
c.Explain the following (give examples where necessary):

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