[Solved] : Question 127099

Each student must have the following 5 private data members (i.e., attributes, fields,

or instance variables):

1. string  studentID ;    

2. string  lastName  ;     

3. string  firstName ;   

4. double gpa ;        

5. string  phoneNumber ;  

In your C++ program, you must declare 3 static global variables with proper initial

values, and 5 static global arrays to hold up to 12 students records with 5 fields per

record. They should be declared as follows:

static int countStudents = 0;


static double totalGpa = 0.0;

static double averageGpa = 0.0;

static string sidA [12];

static string lnameA[12];

static string fnameA[12];

static double gpaA [12];

static string phoneA[12];

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