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Do you know the processing code for this question.

Display window size is set to (600, 600). The targets are composed of concentric rings. Two adjacent rings have a difference of 20 pixels between their diameters. Each time the target is displayed, it shrinks to shed one ring away.

The initial number of rings in a target is between 5 and 10 (including both values). Assuming there are ‘n’ rings, the diameter of the biggest ring is n*20, of the second biggest ring is (n­?1)*20 and so on till diameter of the smallest ring is 20. The rings should alternate between a color chosen when the target is generated first, and between white. The biggest ring should be in the color set, the second biggest ring white, and so on. You should use a loop to display the ring.

When you press the mouse within a target, the score increases by 1. This score should be displayed on the bottom left side of the display window with the bottom left corner of the text­?box at (20, height-­20)

It will benefit you greatly if you create methods to initiate a target (set number of rings, the color, and the coordinates), and also a method that draws the target.

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