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A project has been awarded to you by one of your client related to design and host a web portal for online buying and selling of pets. This platform will act as a bridge between sellers and buyers where both the parties can negotiate regarding selling and purchasing of pets and their accessories. The payment options will be both online secure payment and cash on delivery (COD). This project requires you to pay some visits to pets’ buying and selling markets for information gathering and analysis. Keeping in mind the recent pandemic has just subside and lockdown is over. Your client is asking you to complete this portal in 15 days’ time.

List at least three risks (schedule, cost, requirements, quality or operational risks) that could
cause the project to be late, over budget or a failure.

What mitigation techniques you will followed for the risks you have identified in part 1?

Rate each of risks (identified in part 1) for their potential impact and likelihood. Use high,
medium, and low.

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Answer to : Question 129854

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