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6. Using pseudocode (a program is not needed) and the multiset functions (empty, full,
memberCount, insert, remove and member), write code to remove all instances of
the values of an array A of integers from a multiset R of integers. As an example, if A = {5, 13,
-2} and R = {0, 16, -2, 0, 5, -2, 6, 5, -2}, then, after execution of the code, R = {0, 16, 0, 6}.
Note that although you can use the multiset functions given above, you can NOT access the
internal components of these functions. As an example, you can say R.insert(x) to
insert a value x into a multiset R, but you can NOT access the actual multiset data structure
(which might be an array, a vector, a set, a linked list, …).

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