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The cost to ship a package is a flat fee of 75 cents plus 25 cents per pound.

1. Declare a const named CENTS_PER_POUND and initialize with 25.

2. Get the shipping weight from user input storing the weight into shipWeightPounds.

3. Using FLAT_FEE_CENTS and CENTS_PER_POUND constants, assign shipCostCents with the cost of shipping a package weighing shipWeightPounds.

this is what i have down, but something is missing and i cant tell

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void) {

  int shipWeightPounds;

  int shipCostCents = 0;

  const int FLAT_FEE_CENTS = 75;


  const int CENTS_PER_POUND = 25;

  shipCostCents = FLAT_FEE_CENTS + (shipWeightPounds * CENTS_PER_POUND);

  printf(“Weight(lb): %d, Flat fee(cents): %d, Cents per pound: %dnShipping cost(cents): %dn”,

     shipWeightPounds, FLAT_FEE_CENTS, CENTS_PER_POUND, shipCostCents);

  return 0;


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