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Log all the work you do in the bash shell using the script command (see the “Session
Logging” section below). You will need to get logging working BEFORE you perform any of
the steps listed below. You will need to turn in the session log files. See “Deliverables” below.
With script logging on and working, write a program that consists of two C++ source files and
a header file (.h file). The first C++ file contains the main() routine and the second file contains a
C++ function. The function prototype should be included in the header file.
From within main(), you must display the count of command line arguments to stdout.
Further, you must display the value of each command line argument to stdout. Finally,
you must call the procedure that is defined in the second file.
From within the procedure defined in the second file, you must display a log message that
states you are inside the procedure. This log message must be sent to stderr.

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