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WAP to calculate an electricity bill using decision making. As every house has got electricity now a days, the chief in electricity board is in pressure of generating automated bills. So he approached your team to work for him. He explains to you all the cases to be considered to calculate the accurate bill.
For instance,
I.Bill paid within 15days of generation.
II.If reading is less than or equal to 200 units then each unit is charged Rs. 2.
III.If reading is more than 200 units but less than or equal to 400units then for first 200 units charges will be Rs.2 and other units are charged at Rs. 4
IV.If reading is more than 400 units then all the units will be charged Rs. 4.
V.Bill paid after 15days of generation: A surcharge of 10% on your bill amount has to be paid.
Now considering these cases help the chief in automating the billing system.

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