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It is required to calculate the body mass index (BMI) of randomly selected 200 people and obtain
an idea on their conditions of health. The way of calculating the BMI is given below.
Weight (Kg)÷
Those who are having a BMI between 18 and 25 are considered to be in good health condition
while those who are not in the range are considered as not in good health condition.Write a C++ program to do the following tasks:
(i) Define a two- dimensional array called population_BMI for 200 people.
(ii) To insert his identity card number, his weight and his height in to the two-
dimensional array.
( Identity card number should be a 9 digit number, for example : 837372715 )
(iii) To check the good health condition of each person and store it another one
dimensional array called “healthy” .
(iv) To print the list of identity card numbers for person who are in good health

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