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A TCP PDU of length 60000 octets (including TCP header) is to be transmitted over a physical link between two nodes using 10G Ethernet (10Gbps). Assume for the purposes of this question that a standard Ethernet data frame is between 64 and 1518 bytes and the MTU of the payload is 1500 bytes. Assume the LLC

PDU has an overhead of 4 octets.

a) How many bits are sent over the 10Gbps Ethernet if standard Ethernet frames are used? What is the effective data rate from the TCP PDU point of view?

b) If the propagation time between the two nodes is 12 microseconds what is the line efficiency assuming stop and wait is used?

c) In one sentence say what can be done to increase line efficiency given that this is 10G Ethernet? By calculation show how your suggestion can increase line efficiency.

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