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Consider the following Java program. Describe what it does in response to specific operations of the mouse, and how it does it. (You are encouraged to run the program for yourself to test its behavior. Then read through the program carefully to understand how that behavior arises.)

import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;
public class MouseWhisperer extends JFrame implements MouseListener {
MouseWhisperer() {
super(“COME CLOSER”);
public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e) { setTitle(“OUCH”); }
public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e) { setTitle(“LET GO”); }
public void mouseReleased(MouseEvent e) { setTitle(“WHEW”); }
public void mouseEntered(MouseEvent e) { setTitle(“I SEE YOU”); }
public void mouseExited(MouseEvent e) { setTitle(“COME CLOSER”); }
public static void main(String[] args) { new MouseWhisperer(); }

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