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you are required to develop an online complains management system for your local Municipality. The system must have the following specifications:

1.1. ABOUT US: This must load a page containing the history of the Municipality.
1.1.2. CONTACTS: This must be link to a page with all the conctac details of the Municipality.
1.1.3. COMPLAINS: This link must load a complains form which includes the text areas to insert the complain’s name, conctact details, subject and the actual problem. Your form must have the sending button to submit the complain and a reset button.
1.1.4. Home: This link will always take you back to the Mission and Vision statement page.

1.2. The Home page must use frames to align and separate different sections of its contents. Every page visited on the site must target the main frame of the home page.

1.3. Include a Copyright protection statement as footer on every page which includes the publication date and the developer’s name.

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