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Create a Software Application for XYZ Bank that allows its members to access their bank
account information through an “ATM like” interface. The Menu Options should include:
checking the account balance, debiting the account and crediting the account, along with an
option to exit the program. (10 marks)
Create an Account Class to represent the customers’ bank accounts. Include a data member of
type float to represent the account balance. Provide a constructor that receives an initial
balance and uses it to initialize the data member. (10 marks)
1. The constructor should validate the initial balance to ensure that it’s greater than or
equal to $1000.00. If not, set the balance to 0 and display an error message to the user
indicating that the initial balance was invalid. (10 marks)
2. Provide three member functions.
a. Member function Credit() should add an amount to the current balance.
(5 marks)

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