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Modify the parking garage problem to include extra information given below. The original program calculated, given the type of vehicle ( ‘C’ for car, ‘b’ for bus, and ‘t’ for truck) and the hours a vehicle spent in the parking lot, return the parking charges based on the rate below.
Car: $2 per hour bus: $3 per hour truck: $4 per hour

Use a while loop and a menu to allow user to park more than one vehicle.
If they have parked more than a day (24 hours) use the flat charge of : $25 for car, $35 for truck, and $40 for bus.
At the end of the program you should print the total number for each vehicle.
Add valet parking with additional charge of $7 dollars for each car.
The total money made for that day.
Which vehicle had the largest number in your garage

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