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Question: In13.2.1   TCP Reno Per-ACK Responses we stated thatthe per-ACK response of a TCP sender was to increment cwnd asfollows:

cwnd = cwnd + 1/cwnd

(a). What is the corresponding formulation if the window size isin fact measured in bytes rather than packets? Let SMSS denote thesender’s maximum segment size, and let bwnd = SMSS×cwnd denote thecongestion window as measured in bytes. Hint: solve this lastequation for cwnd and plug the result in above.

(b). What is the appropriate formulation of cwnd = cwnd + 1/cwndif delayed ACKs are used (12.15   TCP Delayed ACKs)and we still want cwnd to be incremented by 1 for each windowful?Assume we are back to measuring cwnd in packets.

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Answer to Question: Computer Network Question: In 13.2.1 TCP Reno Per-ACK Responses we stated that the per-ACK response of a TCP s…

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