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Identify sixcandidate entity types. Eliminate those where only oneinstance will exist (for example, the EFO organization). Alsoeliminate ones that describe or are part of another entity (forexample, the ID number). Justify your decisions.

Identify alist of at least 10 functional requirements for thesystem. Most functional requirements can be found withinthe information and reporting requirements of the project scenario.Link each functional requirement to one of the entity types youidentified. For example, The DBMS must ensure that each vehicle hasa unique ID, accounts payable must include the supplier ID, ItemID, initial cost, and amount owed OR the payroll report mustinclude the employee ID, mployee name, hours-worked, andhourly-payrate, etc.

ProjectScenario: Emergency-Fire-One (EFO)

Emergency-Fire-One(EFO) is a Fire Department-Ambulance organization that plans toautomate its manual processes and eliminate paper-based records.EFO has several stations, vehicles, and personnel locatedstrategically across the greater metropolitan area. The personnelare all trained firemen but some have specialty certifications,such High-Rise Fire, Toxic-Waste Containment, Level-2 driver’slicense, EMT, EMT-2, Paramedic, etc.   Personnel may haveone or more certifications. In order to drive any of theEmergency-One vehicles, personnel must have a Level-2 driver’slicense. Every time EFO responds to an incident, an incidentresponse report (IRR) must be completed. The IRR includesinformation related to the type of incident selected from apre-determined list of options, incident address, date, departuretime, return time, number of minutes to reach the incident, numberof vehicles responding, identification for each vehicle, number ofpersonnel responding, identification for each responder,geotracking information, and a comment section to summarize theresponse details.

In addition totracking incident responses, EFO must maintain information relatedto:

  • Personnel – hours worked, payrate, overtime worked, etc. to determine payroll and trackpersonnel work hours.
  • Vehicles – ID, type, purchasedate and price, mileage, accidents, and maintenance performed.
  • Equipment (non-vehicular) – ID,type, purchase date, and price.
  • Accounts payable – includesamount owed and supplier information for all equipment and vehiclesthat are not fully paid for.

EFO needs weekly,monthly, and annual reports that summarize:

  • Incident responses by station,type, geo-location, number of vehicles and personnel
  • Payroll
  • Vehicle maintenance and mileageby station
  • Personnel staffing bystation

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