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This is a question in python programming.

N people are crossing a rickety bridge on a dark night. Thebridge is only strong enough to support 2 people at a time. It isnecessary for the people crossing the bridge to carry a flashlightto guide their way there is only one flashlight and it can onlyshine a few feet. The flashlight cannot be thrown (it would break).Given any number of people with crossing times, compute the pathsand combinations of pairs crossing the bridge and what the totaltime will complete the task. The program is a simulation thatshould run for any number of people with varying crossing times.You can randomize the number of people and each crossing time perperson.

Below is a CSV file with the names you should use in yoursimulation. Provide the program and flowchart for thisassignment

. CSV file: gNames.csv

Mohamed Youssef Ahmed Mahmoud Mustafa Yassin Khaled BilalIbrahim Hassan Hussein Karim Tareq Ali Omar Halim Santiago DanielMiguel Liam Thomas August�n Stevenson Jayden Ram�n Luis Sebasti�nNoah Jackson Ethan Joseph Deven James Sheila Fatma Maha RobinFarida Aya Sharon Ashley Sahar Rowan Hosniya Hasnaa Hosna GamilaGamalat Habiba Sof�a Alysha Alice Emma Mariana Widelene GabrielleXimena Mar�a Victoria Sophia Madison Olivia Isabella Anya MaryFlorencia Camila L�a Emilia Valentina Mirlande Amelia Elizabeth AvaChloe Esther Arushi Patricia Luc�a Julia Isidora Islande TiannaBeatriz Mia Rachel Linda Annotations

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