(Solved) : R Built Dataset Called Airquality Contains Observations Ozone Solarr Wind Temp Month Day U Q42691104 . . .

R has a built-in dataset called airquality thatcontains observations about Ozone,Solar.R, Wind,Temp, Month, andDay. Use this dataset to answer thefollowings:

  1. Count the number of observations in that dataset
  1. What is the type of this dataset? Is it avector,  matrix,array, or data.frame object?
  1. Print a sample observation of this dataset to have an ideaabout dataset.
  2. How many variables are there in this dataset and what is thedata type of each variable?
  3. Display only observations that have Ozoneequals NA (Not Applicable)
  4. Store all observations of the month of June where temperatureexceeded 50 into june_airquality
  5. Display june_airquality ordered by Temp

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Answer to R has a built-in dataset called airquality that contains observations about Ozone, Solar.R, Wind, Temp, Month, and Day. …

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