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The rapid changes in business processes are having effect on howinformation systems are built. Agility, scalability,interoperability and rapid adaptability are some of the criticalneeds of systems that rapidly evolve over time. Business processesevolve over time and adaptive project management approaches tosystems development have become an integral part of systemdevelopment teams. Adaptable systems tend to give more competitiveadvantage to businesses. These systems require rigorous work fromsystem development and business process modelling teams. Presentday information processing systems are built to accommodate dynamicmodelling techniques in order to make them easily adaptable tobusiness models and respond to changing business requirements. Thedevelopment of these information systems will require theengagement of dynamic system development methodologies, tools andtechniques.

Discuss and analyse how

  1. Dynamic System Development methods,
  2. Extreme Programming approaches

are providing some solutions to the development of adaptablebusiness information systems.

NB: Support your literature with articlesindexed in Scopus using journal articles such as Journals in IEEExplore, ACM digital library, IET library, Engineering Index ofElsevier, BCS computer Journals etc. it is expected that a minimumof 5 peer-reviewed academic articles are cited as part of yourexplanation and justification

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