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  1. You’re setting up some VMs to test an application you’reconsidering making available to employees of the small company youwork for. You need to test the app in a variety of OSs, and youdon’t expect to need these VMs after testing is complete. You’dlike setup to be as simple and straightforward as possible withoutneeding to make any changes to the servers on your network. Whichof these hypervisors will best serve your needs?
    1. XenServer
    2. Client Hyper-V
    3. Hyper-V
    4. ESXi
  1. You have three VMs running on a Windows 10 computer. Two of theVMs, machines A and B, are able to communicate with the Internetand other network resources, as is the host Windows 10 machine.However, one VM, machine C, cannot access websites on the Internet.What is the first component you check? The second component?
    1. The host machine’s network adapter
    2. The switch connected to the host machine
    3. VM C’s virtual NIC
    4. The host machine’s hypervisor
  1. You’re installing VirtualBox on a Windows 10 Home computer andyou get the following error message:

VT-x is disabled in the BIOS for all CPU modes

What is the problem? How do you fix it?

  1. Which component in a thin client might need a higher ratingthan other components?
    1. The CPU because most of the processing is done on the thinclient
    2. RAM because the system must have enough to hold a virtualdesktop
    3. The hard drive because a VM takes up a large amount of harddrive space
    4. The NIC because most of the processing is done on theserver
  1. Your boss has instructed you to set up a virtualizationworkstation that will provide help-desk users with access toWindows 10 Pro and Home, Windows 7 Pro and Home Basic, UbuntuDesktop, Linux Mint, and Android Oreo and Pie. She also wants youto use Client Hyper-V as the hypervisor. In what order should youinstall the operating systems and hypervisor?
    1. Ubuntu Desktop, Client Hyper-V, remaining OSs in VMs
    2. Client Hyper-V, Windows 10 Pro, remaining OSs in VMs
    3. Client Hyper-V, OSs in VMs
    4. Windows 10 Pro, Client Hyper-V, remaining OSs in VMs

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