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Read the NY Times article, “How Democracy Can Survive Big Data”by Colin Koopman found


The author discusses the need for a code of ethics to help guidethe new technology revolution. Koopman believes that new technologyis invented without any thought as to its consequences or any guideas to potential use or ill use. In the article, Koopman states ofnew technology inventors;

Their failure to consider theconsequences of their pursuits, however, is not so much their faultas it is our collective failing.”

Do you agree with this statement, is it the fault of newtechnology inventors or of society, that consequences of newtechnology are not considered?

The author also states;

“Yet we have hardly begun to engineer data ethicsappropriate for our extraordinary information carnival. If we donot do so soon, data will drive democracy, and we may well lose ourchance to do anything about it.”

What does the author mean with this last statement in thearticle?

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Answer to Read the NY Times article, “How Democracy Can Survive Big Data” by Colin Koopman found Here: https://www.nytimes.com/201…

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