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I really need some help. I do not know how to create a databasefor my SQL Programming (CS221T-1904D-01) class. Could someoneplease help me. I have to create a sample database with one tableand give a deliverable in Word document with screenshots showingthe sample database and table I have created. The instructor wantsme to discuss the issues that I have for this project related toSQL Server and how I solved them. I have been e-mailing and callingmy instructor for two weeks now. She has been blowing me off sinceshe sent the e-mail out saying do your research because that iswhat you do in college. I have done research after research, but Ido not understand this but I need to understand this for my future.Please help me, I have come a long way and cannot afford to failnow. This is what I do not understand as followed:

Unit 1 Question

Question: After installing the AWS application, launch it andlog in to your AWS virtual desktop. On the virtual desktop, launchSQL Server 2014 Management Studio (Start->AllPrograms->Microsoft SQL Server 2014). Then, • Create a sampledatabase. Your database should reflect a fictional but real worddomain. (a hypothetical business, nonprofit, hobby, etc.) • Createone well-formed table (-It has a Primary Key) within the database.• The table should reflect a category of information that would beappropriate for that domain. What should the deliverable contain?Look like? READ the Unit I Submission Deliverable section in thisdocument and the How Your assignment is graded section forInstructions in this document on what the deliverable shouldinclude and how it is graded.
• Sources of Help: Please see the Live Chat Archives for step bystep demos on creating a database and a well-formed table by code,or by using the Management Studio interface. There are also PDFTutorials that will be emailed to you following the Live Chat. •Suggestion from Dr. Hayes: If you are looking for an idea on a DBand table to create, consider this: In Unit 2 and beyond, you willbuild a University database. You could create that DB in Unit 1(call it YourLastNameUniversity) and build a table to capture thenames and addresses of CampusLocations. DO NOT BUILD: students,advisors, classes, degrees tables in Unit 1 as you will be givenspecific requirements on building those as we move forward in Unit2 and beyond.
Dr. Rosemary Hayes |rhayes@coloradotech.edu | CS 221T XXXX-XX|Unit1

Academic Requirements of the Assignment Be aware that thisdeliverable is an academic writing assignment. You need to followthe expectations regarding: Academic Honesty and Integrity. If youbuild a sample database (whether wholly or partially) using adatabase and table that has been modeled in demonstrations fromlinks in Intellipath, You-tube, from our Live Chats, from PDFtutorials that I post, books, websites, or other external sources,you MUST cite the source that you used. This is done with anin-text citation in the body of your paper, and in the referencelist. Failure to do so is a violation of CTU’s Academic Honesty andIntegrity policy and will be reported to the Chair of CS/IT andyour academic advisor. See the Course Expectations which were sentwith Course Documents for Unit 1 email. Re-use. Special note forStudents Retaking the Class and Resubmitting Homework If you wantto resubmit (either in part or whole) work done in another course,you must request permission at least 24 hours before the due dateand may not submit until you have written permission from Dr.Hayes. See Course Expectations which were sent with CourseDocuments for Unit 1 email. Unit 1 Submission Deliverable Allwritten assignments follow APA standards that are appropriate tothe level of the course. Your deliverable is an academic mini-APApaper. There is a model in Course documents Unit 1. This is a briefpaper. I am focusing on Quality not Quantity. It should contain allof these elements:
• a Title page, • an Introductory paragraph that describes thepurpose in objective of the assignment, • Body of Paper. Narrativewriting in the body of the paper that describes your reasoning andprocesses for creating the database and the table (how did youcreate these? Code? Management Studio Interface? Show this.Highlight and briefly discuss a key SQL command or construct todemonstrate that you understand why it is important. For example,did you set the primary Key? What is its purpose? See “How yourassignment is graded” for more guidance on writing. Remember youare graded on Knowledge and ability to use SQL. • Neatly formattedand labeled screenshots of your database and table (that includes aprimary key) which are described in the paper. These Screenshotsshould clearly demonstrate that you are working in the CTUAWS/MSSQL Environment and in your account. • Concluion. You shouldhave a concluding paragraph that summarizes what you accomplishedand what your learned. It is also appropriate to include challengesthat you overcame. • and References (in-text citations in the bodyof the paper and the full reference in the reference list. Topicsthat you could cite include: CREATE TABLE command, the MS SQLServer 2014, Datatypes, IDENTITY property, Dr. Hayes’s PDFTutorials (see Course Materials Unit 1) or any external sources youused to guide your DB and table creations. • Save asYourname-Unit1.doc or docx and upload in the Intellipath Unit 1Submission node.

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Answer to I really need some help. I do not know how to create a database for my SQL Programming (CS221T-1904D-01) class. Could so…

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