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Research a secure web application architecture accounting forapplication and operating system vulnerabilities and exploits basedon the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). The baseoperating system will be Microsoft Windows Server 2019, Apache,MySQL, and PHP. Known as the WAMP stack this development stack willprovide the opportunity to model a real-world secure architecture.Overall Assignment Requirements You will select one of the OWASPtop ten web application vulnerabilities as the topic of your finalproject. The topic must be approved by your instructor no laterthan the end of Unit 8. Topic options: 1. Injection 2. BrokenAuthentication 3. Sensitive Data Exposure Select a single topicfrom the list above and design a secure architecture to protect theserver including listing any vulnerabilities and exploitsassociated with all of the components of the solution if theyexist. A detailed threat model must be included.

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