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Good morning. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, isto analyze and recommend policies that mitigate two data-breachattack vectors as discussed in this briefing, for a largemulti-national corporation (the Company).

Your cover is that you have just been hired as an InformationSecurity Engineer (ISE). The Company has suffered multiple databreaches that have threatened trust in the Company. The Company’sreputation is at peril unless there is immediate action to resolvethese breaches.

This confidential data includes financial information andpersonally identifiable information (PII) for corporations andprivate citizens. CNBC reports that 15.4 million consumers werevictims of identity theft or fraud in 2018 at an economic cost inexcess of $16 billion dollars US.

Two attack profiles have been identified:

  • infiltration of the network through a vulnerable wirelessconnection within the organization; and
  • an inside job where PII data was stolen as a result of weakaccess controls.

Currently, the Company does not have policies that address thesetwo vulnerabilities. Your mission is to develop a risk-managementpolicy that addresses the two security breaches and describes howto mitigate these risks. Good luck!


  • This is an individual assignment, i.e. not a team or partnerassignment.
  • Use a three-paragraph format: an introduction/scenario recap,analysis, and conclusion.
  • Provide an APA style reference page with at least tworeferences.
  • Double-spaced, font size 10 or 11.

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Answer to SCENARIO Good morning. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to analyze and recommend policies that mitigate …

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