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he Smart Home system will be a combination of hardware andsoftware which will provide an escape from daily life routines andmundane tasks. This product seeks out the items that consume themost time but do not need to. The goal is to automate that whichdoes not really need human interaction, to free the occupants toenjoy themselves in their retirement, our target users. The systemshould require only as little human interaction as needed. Featureshave been divided into key functional areas. Accessibility is thefirst and most highly desired by the customer, which has beendefined as the need of the system to be usable by all persons mostimportantly elderly people. Voice recognition: The voice activationsystem will consist of a set of commands to which the systems willprogrammatically respond. It could be extended such that anaycommands can be programmed to control any of the described devicesinterfaced by the Smart Home system. Energy Efficiency: The systemwill enable users to monitor and enhance energy efficiency of thehouse through adaptive controls and interfaces. Controlling andadapting the air conditioning and heating are important aspects ofusing energy efficiently. Not only does the system seek to improvethe ease of use traditional thermostats but also provide smart waysto optimize them. Such as desired room temperature when room is notoccupied or during specific times. Also the system will monitoroutdoor temperature and humidity and adjust indoor air conditioningaccordingly. Energy efficiency is considered as well for lighting.The system will control lights in various areas according topredefined times. Security: Security includes aspects of homesecurity like alerts in the event of a break-in, video monitoringof premises of areas of interest. As well as unattended monitoringwhile the occupants are away. It will utilise devices such cameras,motion sensors and break-in detectores to aid in security of thehome. The system will provide video and automated and humancommanded responses to various security situations such asnotifications of authorities. It should provide entry controlcapabilities like remotely unlocking the door to permit entry tothe visitors. Occupants and users of the system should be able tomonitor the home from anywhere they wish. This includes manydifferent cameras within the home as well as various points ofentry and other triggers placed throughout the home. This will givethe occupants more freedom to travel while feeling their home issecured and we cared for. Media and Entertainment: Media andEntertainment include the ability to create, store and accessmultiple forms of media and entertainment such as audio and video.The system should be able to connect to the equipped smart TV. itwill be able to record any tv show specified by the occupants. Alsoit will provide control capabilities of the audio system installedwithin the smart home. Users can manage, import music into thedigital library and personal playlist. As well as choose playbackoptions in different rooms of their home. Lastly, the Smart Homesystem provides access and control through a main interface, phonesfor remote accessibility and its official website. Maintenance andhelp services are available remotely for ease of use. It isessential for the system to be available all times with faulttolerance manner. For security reasons it should support wirelessencryption protocols.

Question : need draw the following :

a Mockup screens for the Three use cases [basic flow only](printouts only)

B Sequence Diagrams for the Three use cases [basic flow only](Technical tool)

C Activity Diagrams for the Three use cases [basic flow](Technical tool)

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Answer to he Smart Home system will be a combination of hardware and software which will provide an escape from daily life routine…

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