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Solving thereaction-diffusionsteady statemodel

Consider a spherical organism of radius R0withinwhich respiration occurs at a uniform volumetric rate ofrA = – k0, i.e., oxygen(species A) is governed by a zeroth order, homogeneous chemicalreaction. The molar concentration ofCA(r=R0) =CA,0is maintained at the surface of theorganism.

Assuming no convection within organism, steady state, andconstant diffusivity, the governing equation is derived asfollow:

            (0≤ rR0)

            withthe boundary conditions



Consider an organism of radius R0=1×10-4m and a diffusion coefficient for oxygen transferof DAB=10-8m2/s. GivenCA,0=5 x 10-5kmol/m3andk0= 1.2 x10-4kmol/(m3.s).

  1. Usethe shooting method orMATLAB’sbuilt-in ODE-BVPssolverto solve this model.
  2. Plot the concentration profile within the spherical organism(CAvs r).
  3. Determine CA(r=0) from the resultsof (1).

Submit the simulation results (including plots) and thecode.

Please use Matlab thank you kindly 🙂

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