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Subject: Computernetwork

Consider the followingnetwork of Autonomous Systems AS1 through AS6, which double asdestinations. When AS1 advertises itself to AS2, for example, theAS-path it provides is 〈AS1〉.

AS1────────AS2────────AS3 │ : │ : │ :AS4────────AS5────────AS6

(a). If neither AS3 nor AS6 exports their AS3–AS6 link to theirneighbors AS2 and AS5 to the left, what routes will AS2 receive toreach AS5? Specify routes by AS-path.

(b). What routes will AS2 receive to reach AS6?

(c). Suppose AS3 exports to AS2 its link to AS6, but AS6continues not to export the AS3–AS6 link to AS5. How will AS5 nowreach AS3? How will AS2 now reach AS6? Assume that there are nolocal preferences in use in BGP best-path selection, and that theshortest AS-path wins.

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