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Suppose that Internetrouting in the US used geographical routing, and the first 12 bitsof every IP address represent a geographical area similar in sizeto a telephone area code. Megacorp gets the prefix,based geographically in Chicago, and allocates subnets from thisprefix to its offices in all 50 states. Megacorp routes all itsinternal traffic over its own network.

(a). Assuming allMegacorp traffic must enter and exit in Chicago, what is the routeof traffic to and from the San Diego office to a client also in SanDiego?

(b). Now suppose eachoffice has its own link to a local ISP, but still uses its12.34.0.0/16 IP addresses. Now what is the route of traffic betweenthe San Diego office and its neighbor?

(c). Suppose Megacorpgives up and gets a separate geographical prefix for each office,eg for San Diego and for Boston.How must it configure its internal IP forwarding tables to ensurethat its internal traffic is still routed entirely over its ownnetwork

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