(Solved) : Suppose One Input Type Textbox Example Bday Clicking Calendar Icon Able Open Calendar Want Q42724256 . . .

Suppose i have one input type textbox for example

Bday :<div id=”clickbox”>
                                    <input name=”bday” size=”10″ maxlength=”10″class=”TextInput”
                                        <imgsrc=”/LMS/img/calendar.gif” border=”0″onclick=”openCalWin_actual_date(‘0’, ‘bday’);” /></div>


On clicking the Calendar icon i am able to open the calendar.Now i want to pause the screen and Write alert box statement sothat if user click somewhere else or user scrolls down , an errormessage should be displayed sstating “Kindly first fill theBirthday date ” then only proceed further.

I want to lock , hold the screen with the alert box statement”kindly first fill birthday date” if user clicks somewhere else onscreen or scrolls down

Write a function to Hold/lock the screen in javascript. You canname the function as _externalClick() or anything you like .

just Hold and lock the screen untill and unless the user fillsthe Birthday Date, screen should not move and alert popup statementshould be upside the screen

Language = Front-End , Javascript , Jquery.


I am posting one Helpful Link also but i dont know how to bindthe Event with tat textbox After Opening the Calendar Popup


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