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SystemsAnalysis and Design-CIS201

Chapter 2 -Running Cases: On the Spot Courier Services


TEXT: SystemsAnalysis & Design etc Edition: 7th or 6th Authors: Satzinger,Jackson, and Burd ISBN: 9781305117204

Assignment. Submit a pdf file.

This is the firstassignment in a running case. We will be using this case studythroughout the term. You MUST complete each assignment on time inorder to get feedback so that you can move on to the nextassignment in the running case. You will need to know if you are onthe right track to continue on. If you turn in the assignment bythe Sunday night BEFORE the due date I will review it and give youfeedback. You may correct and then resubmit for more points by thedue date.

I am not looking forperfect answers. I am looking to see if you applied the chapterconcepts, terms, tools, and techniques to this case. Give it yourbest effort. I will know when you are doing the minimum, lastminute and sloppy work. You may email me or call/come see me duringmy office hours if you have questions. See points chart below forhow I will score your assignment.

On the SpotCourier Services (running case): On the Spot is a small,but growing, courier service that needs to track customers, packagepickups, package deliveries, and delivery routes. The system willrequire real time update of pickups and deliveries with mobiledevices. It will also allow the customers to schedule their ownpickups via a Web based interface. In this chapter the students areasked to define the stakeholders, determine methods to elicitrequirements, consider communication needs, and identify the majorfunctions of the new system.

Stakeholders are your primary source ofinformation for system requirements. Stakeholders are all thepeople who have an interest in the successful implementation of thesystem. One useful way to help identify all the interestedstakeholders is to consider two characteristics by which they vary:internal stakeholders versus external stakeholders and operationalstakeholders versus executive stakeholders.

  1. Who are the stakeholders for On the Spot?

List the stakeholder’sjob title or the role they play when using the system such ascustomer, owner, manager, student, payroll clerk, driver, not JoeSmith, or Jane Higgons. There is an exception to this rule. You canlist a title and then the person’s name such Owner – John Jackson.It is important to use job titles or roles. People come and go inan organization, but systems live on.

Hint: There are fourprimary stakeholders.

  1. What are the primary functional requirements for thesystem?

Be sure to useverb/action phrases such as add, request, update, sort, display,delete, print, etc. An example might be “Display trackinginformation.” The word display is a verb/action word.

Or if it helps, thenread the lecture notes. In the notes I give examples of “The___________________ system must ______________________.” Forexample, “The On The Spot system must display tracking informationon a web page and on a mobile device.”

Hint: You should beable to identify 10 – 15 functional requirements.

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