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SystemsAnalysis and Design-CIS201

SystemsAnalysis & Design etc

Edition: 7thor 6th Authors: Satzinger, Jackson, and Burd


Chapter 8 –Designing the User and System Interfaces Report Design Assignment -Running Cases: On the Spot Courier Services

1. Reports are a veryimportant part of a system. Users view reports on screens and inprintouts. The chapter did not go in to much detail on how todesign a good report. Review the Designing Reports, Statements, andTurnaround section. Also, read the Output Controls section. Reviewthe Form+Reports PowerPoint presentation in the Resources folderfor more guidelines on designing reports.

a. Create aprototype/mockup report using the following requirements:

i. User/Actor:Bill

ii. Purpose: Billwants to monitor the deliveries.

iii. Type of report:Detailed report with summary on the last page.

iv. Format: printoutput

v. When?: Bill willrun the report anytime during a day. Also, at the end of the day,week, month, and year.

vi. Sort order: Bydriver with driver subtotals with a secondary sort by date andtime.

vii. Summary page atthe end of the report. Summary data: totals, averages, andcount.

viii. Data: driver,date and time of pickup, date and time of delivery, package weight,cost, customer account number, customer name, pickup address,delivery address, payment type.

ix. Title: use yourimagination to come up with a descriptive title.

x. Controls: be sureto include appropriate controls on the report such as run date andtime, title, page numbering, etc.

xi. Use Excel tocreate the prototype/mockup report. Excel is a quick and easyprototyping tool for reports.

xii. In the Excelworksheet, be sure to list other controls that should beimplemented to ensure the report’s integrity and security.

xiii. The aboverequirements are the baseline requirements from Bill. You may useyour experience and imagination to enhance the above report. Justbe sure that you meet the above requirements.

b. As mentioned abovereports are very important in a system. When you develop a newsystem you have to also create a lot of reports. Think of whatother reports the users will need in the On the Spot CourierServices system. Create a report menu screen listing these reports(you do not have to design them, just list them). Use the same userinterface design drawing tools that you used in the lastassignment. Copy/paste the screen design in to a Word document.

c. Submit the reportdesign (Excel file) in step 1. a. above.

d. Submit the reportmenu screen design (Word and ALL drawing files) in 1 b. above.

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