(Solved) : Table 1 Computer Ip Addresses Subnet Masks Gateway Address Lab 5 Computer Interface R1 Ip Q42718842 . . .

Table 1   Computer IP Addresses, subnet masksand gateway address for lab 5.

Computer/Interface – R1

IP Address

Subnet Mask

Gateway Address






Computer/Interface – R2

IP Address

Subnet Mask

Gateway Address






Detailed Lab Steps

Task #1

In this lab you are configuring EIGRP routingto the adjacent LAN for the network shown in Figure 1. Note that aserial interface is being used to interconnect the LANs. You areconfiguring routing for both a and A subnet mask of is being used. Use 56000for the clock rate on the serial link (DCE interface).

1. Lis the commands used to configurean EIGRP route from the LAN-A router to the LAN-B router. Use anAutonomous system number of 100.

2. List the commands used to verifythat EIGRP routing has been configured on the LAN-A router.

3. List the command used to list theeigrp neighbors off the LAN-A router.


Task #2  

The following is a partial list of the items displayed when youissue the command show running-configuration [shrun]. Your task is to define each item and its purpose.You may need to go to the Cisco website (www.cisco.com) and look upwhat each of these commands mean

  1. Shutdown

  1. log-adjacency changes
  1. control-plane

  1. scheduler allocate 20000 1000

  1. login local

  1. line con 0

  1. line aux 0

  1. line vty 0 4

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