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Team Management OOP Style Your program for keeping track of teammembers is coming along, but now you want to be able to includephone numbers and jersey numbers along with your team member’sname. Modify your program from week 4 so that the program utilizesobject-oriented programming to create a member object which canaccept the player’s name, phone number, and jersey number. You willneed to replace the list with a dictionary to help in locatingobjects for removal and editing. Again, File Access for long-termstorage is not required for this assignment. For this project: Youwill submit your python code in either the original .py file, orcopied into a .txt file. A screenshot of your code having beenexecuted (run). How to Take a Screenshot Tips: While dictionariesresemble lists, remember that they are not the same! It is betterto use FOR loops, not WHILE loops with index values. print ( “TeamManager”) memberList=[]; while(True): print(‘========MainMenu========’); print (‘1. Team Roster.’); print (‘2. Add NewMember.’); print (‘3. Remove a Member.’); print (‘4. Edit aMember.’); print (‘5. Exit.’); choice=input(‘Selection > ‘);int=0; if(choice==’1′): for int in range(len(memberList)): print(memberList[int], ” “); elif (chice==’2’): name=input(‘Enter newmember name’); memberList.append(name) elif (choice==’3′):name=intput (‘Enter member name to be Remove;’) memberList.remove(name); elif (choice==’4′): name=input (‘Enter the name of themember you want to edit: ‘); newName=input(‘Enter the new name ofthe member:’); for int in range(len(memberList)):if(memberList[int]==name): memberList[int]=newNameelif(choice==’5′): print(‘Exiting…n’) exit();# exit theprogram

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Answer to Team Management OOP Style Your program for keeping track of team members is coming along, but now you want to be able to…

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