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Technology in Action describes a system as being a collection ofpieces working together to achieve a common goal no matter whetherit be a personal one or one that serves a business need. It goes onto state that Information Systems, specifically, include data,people, procedures, hardware, and software. In order to handle andoversee all the parts of system development, design, andimplementation, an organized process must be put in in place so ateam of people can effectively execute all the stages. This processis called System Development Life Cycle.

As a team defines exactly what the system should do, programmersthen can use the problem statement to the develop a detailedalgorithm that describes the actions the application must performin order to complete the task. Pseudocode is used to describe, inwords, the actions the algorithm will take, and flowcharts providea visual representation of the steps of the algorithm with specificshape symbols indicating program behaviors and decisions.

In a Word Document, complete the following:

1. Using pseudocode, list the steps you took to register forclasses in the semester.

2. Using the standard flowchart symbols , set up a visualrepresentation documenting the decision points and flow of youralgorithm from the pseudocode you previously developed.

In Microsoft Word, under the Insert tab, click Shapes in theIllustration group to access the menu for flowchart symbols anddirectional arrows.

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