(Solved) : Tin Following Network Diagram Two Routers Connected Wan Link Ip Addresses Mentioned Differ Q42765073 . . .

so/0 so/0 Fa0/0 Fa0/0 tIn the following networkdiagram two routers are connected through a WAN link. The IPaddresses are mentioned for different interfaces of routers andhosts. You have studied different types of dynamic routing in thelecture and practical classes. You are required to configure therouters in the diagram below using dynamic routing protocols.
1. Identify two dynamic routing protocols that will work for therouters below.
2. Also mention a dynamic routing protocol that will not work.  
3. Explain your answer for 1 and 2, why (1) will work and (2) willnot work.
4. What will be the network addresses when you configure thedynamic routing in the routers?
5. Compare the routing protocols in the above with respect to theirconvergence properties.

so/0 so/0 Fa0/0 Fa0/0 Show transcribed image text so/0 so/0 Fa0/0 Fa0/0

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Answer to In tIn the following network diagram two routers are connected through a WAN link. The IP addresses are mentioned for di…

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