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Today, we are seeing two important shifts taking place that arechanging the way business activities are performed: teams andvirtual office environments. An increasing number of companies areenabling their employees to either work from home or telecommuteone or more days throughout the work week. While this provides formore flexibility to employees, it also can present challenges inworking on projects in a team environment.

How does the ability to work virtually and/or telecommuteimpact one’s ability to collaborate on business documents, such asExcel?
What technology exists which can be utilized for thesecollaborations? What are the risks associated with using suchtechnology? What are the benefits?Using the Internet, perform some searches on how businessprofessionals can collaborate utilizing the Microsoft Office Suiteand other forms of technology. While you are searching, keep thefollowing questions in mind and be sure to include in yourresponses.What technologies are built right into Microsoft Excel forcollaboration?What are some technologies available today that allow forcollaboration where individuals work in an array oflocations?When you use this collaborative opportunity, specifically withExcel, what are some features (protections) you may want toconsider to ensure that your data remains valid and reliable?

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