(Solved) : Translate Following C Program Pep 9 Assembly Language Note Jump Table Must Exactly Four En Q42769068 . . .

Translate the following Cprogram to Pep/9 assembly language.

Note: Your jump tablemust have exactly fourentries, but your program musthave only three case symbols and threecases.

#include <stdio.h>

int main () {

int guess;

printf(“Pick a number 0..3: “);

scanf(“%d”, &guess);

switch (guess) {

case 0: case 1: (printf (“Too low”); break;

case 2: printf(“Right on”); break;

case 3: printf(“Too high” );



return 0;


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Answer to Translate the following C program to Pep/9 assembly language. Note: Your jump table must have exactly four entries, but …

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