(Solved) : Uml Object Oriented Design Use Case Diagram Class Diagram Sequence Diagram Outcomes 1 Demo Q42678016 . . .

UML , object oriented design , use case diagram , class diagram, sequence diagram


1. Demonstrate an understanding of object oriented concepts

2. Apply suitable UML modeling techniques to the real worldapplications

Consider the following:

The public authority of consumer protection (PACP) is anauthority working for consumer rights in sultanate of OMAN. ThePACP aims at protecting the rights of the consumer and ensures thatprompt solutions are provided on consumer complaints. The PACP hasan e-portal which provides the facility of registering a complaintregarding any product or service purchased within the sultanate.The consumer must sign up on the e-portal for registering acomplaint. After signing up the consumer’s login into the PACPe-portal and enter the details of the complaint. The systemcategorizes the complaint and forwards it to the concerneddepartment within PACP. There are two main departments handlingcomplaints. The product complaint department (PCD) handlescomplaints regarding products and the services complaint department(SCD) handles complaints regarding services. There are multiplemangers working in the two departments of PACP who are assigned thecomplaints by the system according to the nature of the complaint.When a manager receives the complaint, he starts working on thecomplaint by collecting information about the complaint. Theinformation regarding the complaint is collected from the consumerand the product / service provider. After the necessary informationis collected regarding the complaint a case is prepared with thedetailed observations of the manager handling the complaint.Observation written by the manger normally identifies the nature ofthe complaint and necessary actions to be taken on the complaint.The case with the observation of the manager is forwarded to thehead of the department for approval. The HOD approves or rejectsthe case and forwards it to the staff for taking necessary actions.The consumer and service provider are informed about the action tobe taken. The PACP Staff prepares detailed reports on thecomplaints which are shared with the public via the e-portal


Task 2: The Use casediagram.

Task 2 A: Design a Complete use case diagram. The use casediagram must contain actors and use cases showing the behavioralaspects of the system.

Task 2 B: Identify the associations among use cases in thediagram.

Task 2 C: Prepare use case specification of any two of the usecases.

Task 3: The class diagram.

Task 3 A: Design a Complete class diagram. Identify classes inthe scenario given above to store all the details. (15-15classes)

Task 3 B: Identify the associations among the classes withmultiplicity.

Task 3 C: Identify attributes and methods in the classescreated.

Task 4: The Sequence diagram

Task 4 A: Identify objects in a sequence diagram.

Task 4 B: Identify the stimulus / messages among theobjects.

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