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Unix using Linux (Bash shell)

Pick a topic of your interest. It can be related to Linux systemmanagement, Linux automation tasks, a game, a useful tool, or anyother topics.

You will be implementing the application using Linux Bash shellscripting language.

Do not use Java, C++, PERL, JavaScript, or any otherhigh-level languages solely for this. You may embed otherhigh-level leagues inside your shell script.

Coding requirements

1. Please create at least three shell functions for yourapplication. Please put all the functions inside your shellscripts. There are no limits to how many shell scripts created foryour application.

2. Please implement at least three shell commands in yourapplication.

3. You must implement Bash loop (while or for), case logic, anddecision ( if..elsif..else..) control/logic structures.

4. Please direct all standard output and standard errors, ifany, into a log file.

5. Your application must read data from a file. Ideally, thefile should be a record file.

6. At the end of your application, please use ‘awk’ command togenerate a report. It could be a game result, a system statusreport, or any conclusion of your application.

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Answer to Unix using Linux (Bash shell) Pick a topic of your interest. It can be related to Linux system management, Linux automat…

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