(Solved) : Use Diabetes Dataset Perform Linear Regression Instead Using Linearmodellinearregression S Q42763035 . . .

Use the diabetes dataset to perform linear regression. ● Insteadof using linear_model.LinearRegression() from sklearn, create yourown function to return the gradient and the best-fit liney-intercept. ○ m = (μ(x) * μ(y) − μ(x * y))/((μ(x)) μ(x )) 2 − 2 ○b = μ(y) − m * μ(x) ○ Where μ is a mean function ● Reserve the last20 observations for testing and use the rest for training yourmodel. ● Produce a figure with the following: ○ Scatter plot oftraining data colored red. ○ Scatter plot of testing data coloredgreen. ○ Line graph for the best-fit line colored blue. ○Legend



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Answer to Use the diabetes dataset to perform linear regression. ● Instead of using linear_model.LinearRegression() from sklearn…

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