(Solved) : Use Java 3 Interface Implement Program Creates Interfacecalled Vehiclewith Following Abstr Q42777555 . . .

use java

3. Interface: Implement a program that creates anInterfacecalled Vehiclewith the following abstractmethods(getters): getMake(), getModel(), getYear(), and creates aClasscalled Carthatimplements the Vehicleinterface. The Carclassalso contains instance data that represents the make, model, andyear of the carand the constructor to initialize thesevalues.Create a driver class called CarTest, whose main methodinstantiates a Carobject with the following information: Chevrolet,Impala, 2019, and test the getter methods you implement.

4. Abstract Class: Implement the above problem 3 by definingVehicleas an Abstract Classinstead of an Interface.

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Answer to use java 3. Interface: Implement a program that creates an Interfacecalled Vehiclewith the following abstract methods(ge…

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